Stranger in a Strange Land

I was visiting with my sister in NYC back in August, and of course she took me to the China-Town. I took a bunch of photos of raw food, mostly because of their phenomenal textures. The pictures, though taken with a phone camera, turned out pretty decently, so I am sharing here.

Make no mistake, I don’t know what to do with most of these foods, nor do I know their name. I just thought they looked very cool…

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Author:Eat Already!

I am a cooking and writing addict born and raised in a cosmopolitan city on the Black Sea coast. Currently my interests include, but not limited to gardening, traditional nutrition, raw milk, fermentation techniques, books by Sitchin, Weston A. Price ideas, artisan bread making, anything handcraft, and many other, quite random, things. I believe in making things from scratch, in unpretentious dishes, visually un-altered food esthetics. I believe in reporting on daily cooking endeavors, not just on special occasion dishes. I believe everyone should learn how to cook at home because it's a great way to connect with your loved ones without saying too much, with your heritage without becoming an archivist, and with the world without learning languages...

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