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Summer Squash Two Ways

Squashed Under Zucchini? Deal With It!

Are you sick of the squash yet? You know what I am talking about — the abundant never-ending crop of zucchini and yellow crook-necks have most certainly made it to your kitchen by hook or by crook.  If you didn’t plant it this year — I didn’t — one or more of your neighbors or […]

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Lamb Stuffed Pattypans - ready to eat

Lamb Stuffed Pattypans

Many vegetables happily serve as containers for tasty stuffing — peppers, squash, eggplants cut in half and scooped out will serve as boat-shape stuffing vessels… Some require a bit of work to be turned into containers, say, cabbage or brussels sprouts. But some of them just seem to be waiting to be used as containers, […]

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Additional browning after cooking through

Flounder with Lemon Sauce and Sauteed Garlic Squash

Had a nice trip down the memory lane today.  We picked up a nice size flounder at a farmer’s market.  Flounder has a special place in my gastronomically inclined heart, because I grew up eating it almost every other week.  Flounder came in two sizes and colors in my town — large black ones, the […]

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Quinoa Guilt

While I enjoy exploring new dishes, I don’t always happily adopt new ingredients. Especially when everyone tells me I must try them.  In fact, I am often feeling the opposite: if everyone tells you this is the new wonder food, it’s probably not that good. Such was my relationship with a few you-must-eat things, namely […]

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Swineherd Pie

Swineherd’s Pie

Day four of the great Atlanta snow in. The fridge scavenger hunt continues… Objective: quick dinner after a long day of work Found: a frozen clump of sweet Italian sausage, shallots, five red potatoes, a few squashes, shredded cheddar I can’t call the concoction below a Shepherd’s Pie, because according to Wikipedia, it usually involves […]

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Tarka Squash & Pumpkin Soup

My husband signed me up for a series of yoga classes called “Wellness for the Holidays”. The classes are featuring some yoga basics and complementing foods, appropriate for the current weather and designed to offset the gastronomical damages of the “Bermuda Triangle of a food junkie” – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This soup was featured […]

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