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Curried Tater Top Meatloaf

Curried Tater Top Meatloaf

Don’t get me wrong. At 5 o’clock I was still convinced we were having a leftover night.  We had plenty of leftovers to deal with, all good ones.  All I had to do was get off the couch where I was comfortably settled with my new quilting project, head to the kitchen and reheat a […]

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A bowlful of Pasta Navy

Nostalgic Cravings: Pasta Navy

Things have a funny way of  hitting you all together just at the right time.  September 1st signifies my family’s happy return from the land of no-flour (let’s be honest, a depressing world) into the land of happy flour consumers.  Yes, we have rejoined the humanity in bread munching, pasta slurping and pancake gobbling capacity, oh […]

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Russian Burgers

Burgers, The Russian Way

I am going to say something utterly un-American right now.  But before you start rallying the outraged crowd  to go egg my car, just promise that you’ll finish this article first.  Here it goes: I don’t like burgers.  Whew… got that off my chest.

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Please to the table -- stuffed sweet peppers with beef and couscous

Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Initially, I was just going to repost an older recipe, along with a nostalgic essay I did on stuffed peppers called Pepperfest.  When I checked the aforementioned post, I realized that the recipe has changed considerably and it might be worth sharing separately.  Not to mention, the pictures turned out quite alright.

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Meatball Soup With Mushrooms

My mom used to make this beautiful chicken meatball soup. It literally had nothing else but meatballs and broth.  Broth was light golden in color and clear as crystal, and meatballs were very soft, yet never falling apart. She used short grain rice to give meatballs extra body, and shredded carrots and onions for added […]

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Sweet summers of my childhood… Windows wide open day and night, you can see and hear everyone in our courtyard.  Tidy neighbor lady has already washed a truckload of family laundry, and bright white sheets are stretched on ropes for drying outside our kitchen window… Life is good, life is lazy, and I can smell what everyone’s […]

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