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Glorified Leftovers: Meaty Pies

Leftovers Glorified: Meaty Pies

If you ever cooked a large hunk of meat, say, pot roast, picnic pork, leg of lamb, the abominable Thanksgiving turkey, or chicken, you probably have experienced the big feast aftermath syndrome.  Doesn’t ring the bell?  Well… you cook that beautiful cut of meat, you feed everyone until their are full to the brim, and then… and then […]

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Beef Heart Stroganoff In Slow Cooker

Matters Of The Heart — Crock Pot Stroganoff With Dried Mushrooms

Pssst… Want to know something? There is more to a cow than steaks, ribs and ground chuck.  Most people I know, at least here in the States, are squeamish at the very thought of consuming organ meats. Uuuuuuhhh, too scary, too bloody, too smelly, too … Well let’s take a moment and figure out what […]

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A bowlful of Pasta Navy

Nostalgic Cravings: Pasta Navy

Things have a funny way of  hitting you all together just at the right time.  September 1st signifies my family’s happy return from the land of no-flour (let’s be honest, a depressing world) into the land of happy flour consumers.  Yes, we have rejoined the humanity in bread munching, pasta slurping and pancake gobbling capacity, oh […]

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Beef Stroganoff -- an epitome of comfort food

Some Things Will Never Change…

Here it is — the mother of all homemade dishes. When mom cooked it, we were rushing back home from school, because we could smell it from the distance.  It’s an epitome of comfort food and, if you are lucky to be not counting carbs, home made noodles or mashed potatoes are in order.  Forget […]

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Holubtzi, or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, ready for the oven

Holubtzi — Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

If I had to name one dish that immediately recalls childhood for me, it would be this one.  Stuffed cabbage rolls called Holubtzi in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and possibly other Slavic languages, invariably bring back memories of my Kindergarten.  You see, in our Kindergarten they fed us breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, all cooked on […]

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Georgian Feast

Just like we start out Italian eating with pasta and pizza, anyone who grew up in Soviet Union, would tell you that Georgian food is Chicken Tabaka and Kharcho – a hearty meat based soup with tomato paste. Any food establishment – from government mandated greasy spoon stolovaya to fancy restaurants would serve these staples. […]

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