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Please to the table -- stuffed sweet peppers with beef and couscous

Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Initially, I was just going to repost an older recipe, along with a nostalgic essay I did on stuffed peppers called Pepperfest.  When I checked the aforementioned post, I realized that the recipe has changed considerably and it might be worth sharing separately.  Not to mention, the pictures turned out quite alright.

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Embracing The Inner Jew: Sweet & Sour Brisket

Every time I pass perfectly flat triangular brisket slabs in a store,  my inner Jew wakes up from a deep sleep and starts with the questions. “When are you gonna start cooking like a good Jewish girl?”  “Where are the Gefilte Fish and Latkes?”  “Why aren’t you making Mandlech for your chicken soup any more, […]

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