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Lamb Stuffed Pattypans - ready to eat

Lamb Stuffed Pattypans

Many vegetables happily serve as containers for tasty stuffing — peppers, squash, eggplants cut in half and scooped out will serve as boat-shape stuffing vessels… Some require a bit of work to be turned into containers, say, cabbage or brussels sprouts. But some of them just seem to be waiting to be used as containers, […]

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Proceed at your own risk. This dish is highly addictive

Plov Me Tender, Plov Me Sweet…

Plov. This simple dish belongs to the list of my favorite comfort foods.  The origins of it are definitely Asian, but no one knows for sure where exactly it came from.  You can find its distinctive relatives in India, China, Middle East, Caucasus, and everywhere in between, you name it. No matter the origin, it […]

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