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Salmon Chowder with Rainbow Chard

Salmon Chowder With Chard

We’ve had dreadful weather outside for weeks now.  Gloomy, muggy, wet mess of a weather.  And although we are not technically yet in the soup season, I can already smell the fall creeping in.  After all, the temperature drop from high nineties into mid eighties must be celebrated and interpreted as autumnal chill here in […]

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Mallorcan Braised Grouper, ready to serve

Good Things Must Be Shared

Today’s post is about a recipe that I found randomly a few years ago.  It was quoted from a book The New Spanish Table by Anya Von Bremsen.  While I don’t own this particular book, I do own another volume by the same author, which I absolutely adore. It’s called Please To The Table, and […]

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Salmon and vegetables arranged on a baking tray

Simple Baked Salmon Dinner

There are some nights when you just want something quiet and homey for dinner. Nothing fancy or particularly elaborate, and nothing that requires your constant presence in the kitchen.  Tonight is the night.  Easy does it, and turns out easy it perfectly acceptable on a Friday night after a busy week. This dinner makes me […]

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Vegetarian Borscht a-la Tuwim's poetry

Poetic Soup — Cooking by the Book

Growing up, among my favorite books one could find a collection of poetry for children by Polish authors.  It was wonderfully translated into Russian by various talented Russian writers.  I loved many of the poems and you could hear me reciting some of them quite frequently.

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Asian inspired Roasted Red Snapper with Red Potatoes and Braised Bok Choi

Asian Inspired Roasted Red Snapper & Braised Bok Choi

We bought a Kamado grill.  Need I say more?  Once I figured out how to light it, things have been cooking on it like no tomorrow.  First I threw a butterflied leg-o-lamb on it.  That thing had been marinating in my fridge for over 24 hrs.  It didn’t quite come out blog-worthy, due to temperature […]

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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it’s really amazing to see what makes people tick.  With zillions of food blogs, sites dedicated to food, cooking and entertaining, gorgeous cookbooks and TV shows, you’d think one would be in a constant state of epicurean exploration, looking for something unimaginably tasty, elaborate and exquisite, infinitely variable and pleasing to the eye… At […]

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Beautiful soup, with cauliflower and fresh sugar snap peas

Spring Vegetable Soup With Cauliflower

I’ve been into brassicas lately. If you open my fridge on any regular week you may find some broccoli at least. I like broccoli but it’s not my favorite. And last week I went overboard with brassicas at my vegetable co-op: there are currently cabbages, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and a head of cauliflower in my […]

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