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Mandlech - Jewish Traditional Fried Dumplings

Oldies But Goodies — Mandlech

It’s officially cold and flu season.  Don’t know where you are reading this, but in our area temperatures had dropped about thirty degrees on average.  And that means, sniffles are coming.  In fact, my daughter had already made it through her season change cold, and I am battling one right now. The upside of every […]

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Tossing together Korean Carrot Salad

Salad Challenge, Day 6: Korean Carrot Salad

In my country this was a condiment.  There were two reasons for that — price and spiciness.  When shopping at a farmer’s market, I used to walk along the aisle of pickled vegetables, rows upon rows of pickled cabbage, marinated tomatoes, “soaked” apples,  stuffed eggplant… And at the end of that aisle, atop of the […]

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