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Meatball Soup With Mushrooms

My mom used to make this beautiful chicken meatball soup. It literally had nothing else but meatballs and broth.¬† Broth was light golden in color and clear as crystal, and meatballs were very soft, yet never falling apart. She used short grain rice to give meatballs extra body, and shredded carrots and onions for added […]

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Tradition. Tradition.

As a not-so-proud owner of an ever-expanding waistline, I find myself periodically reading some books on nutrition. Let’s not sugar coat it: when I hear the word diet, my blood pressure jumps a few points, and my body immediately starts craving something sweet and greasy, I am sure as a measure of preemptive self-defense. I […]

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The Great Turkey Challenge, Day Two: Turkey, Mushroom & Lentil Soup

Today is the second day of The Great Turkey Challenge. It’s also getting cooler outside, which means it’s time for soup. I like soup in any weather, really, so I think that even it were ninety degrees outside today, I’d still find some reason for soup. There is just something inexplicably comforting about¬† it, no […]

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