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Kharcho -- hearty Georgian soup made with lamb and walnuts

Kharcho. A Hearty Soup From Caucasus That Will Warm Your Soul

It’s cold out there… Well, it’s cold out there somewhere other than Alabama. I scroll through my Facebook timeline and see posts of my remote friends about freezing cold, and knee deep snow, and I want to be there with them.  I love snow.  I want to be cold, curl up on the couch all […]

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Spinach Stuffed Lamb Cutlets

How I Ironcheffed My Dinner

I typically plan my meals quite loosely.  Once a week I pick a few cuts of grass fed beef from the freezer, maybe a pack of chicken thighs or breasts, plus whatever we bring from the store. Usually it’s a slab of wild fish or a cut of lamb.  Throughout the week, I couple the […]

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Open Face Lamb Pie is ready to serve

Open Face Lamb Pie

Oh, yes, my friends.  Sometimes the fortune just smiles upon you.  And things work out the way you never thought they would.  But much better.  Hundred times better.  We are talking, blog-worthy better.  We are talking good pictures, and good recipe at the same time.  On the same day.  And even your five-year-old volunteering to […]

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Lamb Tagine With Eggplant and Couscous

Lamb Tagine With Eggplant & Couscous

I have only one question for you people.  How did it happen that I still don’t own a tagine?  I mean, I pretty much own everything else, but not that quirky looking clay crock.  Why, would you ask, does one need to own a tagine?  And I will tell you: I tried something new yesterday, […]

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Proceed at your own risk. This dish is highly addictive

Plov Me Tender, Plov Me Sweet…

Plov. This simple dish belongs to the list of my favorite comfort foods.  The origins of it are definitely Asian, but no one knows for sure where exactly it came from.  You can find its distinctive relatives in India, China, Middle East, Caucasus, and everywhere in between, you name it. No matter the origin, it […]

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Easy Win. Roasted Lamb & Braised Cabbage

End of work week dinners are tricky.  There aren’t that many things left in a fridge.  In addition, I feel particularly lazy on Friday nights, looking for any excuse to get out of laboring in the kitchen.  As a result, more often than not we end up waiting in line at some restaurant to get […]

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