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Matzoh Brei - traditional Jewish skillet pie

Dearly Belated. Making Matzoh Brei

It seems these days that I am always late.  We aren’t talking appointments and school drop offs…  We are talking, weeks, even months at a time. I signed my kid up for Jewish library distribution a while back.  They send her an age appropriate book each month.  The books are supposed to showcase essentials of […]

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Couldn't resist posting this photo of Hamantashen, taken with the new camera

Poppies And Prunes And Figs, Oh, my! Making Hamantashen

Some people think March Madness is an athletic event.  I think it’s a state of mind, altered severely by onset of spring weather.  I, too, got on this “I smell the spring is coming, I can almost touch it” madness wagon, and decided to join the crowd and celebrate…  Since I don’t follow college basketball […]

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Embracing The Inner Jew: Sweet & Sour Brisket

Every time I pass perfectly flat triangular brisket slabs in a store,  my inner Jew wakes up from a deep sleep and starts with the questions. “When are you gonna start cooking like a good Jewish girl?”  “Where are the Gefilte Fish and Latkes?”  “Why aren’t you making Mandlech for your chicken soup any more, […]

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