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Cranberry Kissel

From Russia With Love: Making Kissel

My daughter had her semi-annual bout of stomach bug a few weeks back.  Typically I have a few batches of curative bone broth on hand, which is, I hope you agree, a much nicer alternative to [doctor recommended — shudder!] sports drinks, juices and pharmaceutical electrolyte junkstuffs.  But my kid for some reason lost all […]

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Beautiful amber colored broth after straining

Kitchen Alchemy — Making Chicken Stock

We are sick.  Coughs and sneezes, and everything nice in between.  In my family, at the first sign of trouble  we make a store run for a chicken and make strong chicken broth.  Until very recently, chicken broth as a cure-all home made remedy was more of a family tradition to me, rather a quirky […]

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