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Chicken Tapaka -- A Simple Georgian Dish

Worth Your Trouble — Chicken Tapaka

First let’s get the formal intros out of the way — Chicken Tapaka is a simple dish from Republic of Georgia, a nice hospitable country in the heart of Caucasus Mountains.  It’s called tapaka after a skillet tapa, in which it’s prepared. Tapa is a close relative of our cast iron skillet with an addition of a very […]

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Tossing together Korean Carrot Salad

Salad Challenge, Day 6: Korean Carrot Salad

In my country this was a condiment.  There were two reasons for that — price and spiciness.  When shopping at a farmer’s market, I used to walk along the aisle of pickled vegetables, rows upon rows of pickled cabbage, marinated tomatoes, “soaked” apples,  stuffed eggplant… And at the end of that aisle, atop of the […]

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