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Lamb Tagine With Eggplant and Couscous

Lamb Tagine With Eggplant & Couscous

I have only one question for you people.  How did it happen that I still don’t own a tagine?  I mean, I pretty much own everything else, but not that quirky looking clay crock.  Why, would you ask, does one need to own a tagine?  And I will tell you: I tried something new yesterday, […]

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Can anything be easier? High Flame Chicken Stew

High Flame Chicken Stew

This dish is a marvel of home cuisine.  It’s good in any weather, easy as can be, and with mere five to six ingredients readily available it will never send you grocery shopping in order to make it.  Yes, you heard me, just five or six,  and can be even four if you choose not […]

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Unsweetened unflavored prunes

Know Your Treif — Pork Stew with Prunes

We don’t cook pork in our house very often. When we do, it’s typically either a picnic shoulder rubbed with zillion of spices and herbs and slowly roasted or thick cut bone-in chops.  It has been a while since I made a good ‘ole pork stew.  In fact, I can’t even remember when I did […]

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